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Summary of the second theoretical session

If the (de)carbonization of cities and territories has its metrics and costs, what about their resilience in the face of climate change? Following the introduction to the challenges of the ecological transition last February, the second session of the #TransitionWorkshop 2024 offered participants a cross-section of the parameters and dimensions of the issue by Martin Schlaepfer, Gregory Giuliani, Pierre Hollmuller, Anthony Lehmann, François Gemenne, Alexandre B. Hedjazi, Panos Mantziaras and Christian Arnsperger.

Make a date for this unique “crash course” at the next Transition Workshop 2025 in Geneva. Registrations will open soon, stay tuned! 🌞

Climate change is challenging the future of cities and regions.

Architects, urbanists, engineers, administrators, and researchers brace elaborate new modes of life.

The Fondation Braillard Architectes invites you to a unique training experience, providing you with an innovative toolbox for the ecological transition.