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Sylvain Ferretti

After a professional career as a civil engineering engineer in the private sector and then a stint in various departments of the Geneva administration, notably in the management of the Greater Geneva agglomeration project, I was appointed, at the beginning of 2017, Director General of the Town Planning Office. As such, my main mission is to drive and coordinate the land use planning policy of the canton of Geneva.
The situation and context of Geneva are unique in that Geneva, an international and attractive city with marked growth, has managed to preserve its territory and its agricultural and natural belt. Its influence has long exceeded its own cantonal and national borders, increasing the pressure on its limited territory. Respecting the territory by building a sustainable city represents a major challenge. The territory being a precious resource, it is up to us, in a vision of sustainable development, to transmit this heritage to future generations.
This vision guides my action across scales and themes, from the cross-border conurbation of Greater Geneva to housing projects. Because territorial planning is indeed at the service of the population, arranging, coordinating, designing places intended for living, housing, working or having fun. More than ever, the challenges of planning consist of linking and organizing all of these activities on a limited territory.

Speaker in the Transition Workshop since 2020.