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Sarah Barth

Sarah Barth is an architect MSc ETH and founder of the Atelier für Architektologie. She has taught and researched at the chair of urban history of Prof. Vittorio M. Lampugnani at ETH Zurich and was an assistant to Prof. Harry Gugger at EPFL. Harry Gugger at the EPFL. Since 2018 she is a board member of “Architektur Dialoge” and since 2021 member of the board of the”Stif-ung für preisgünstigen Wohnraum Basel-Stadt”. She is a member of the Monument Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Sarah Barth is a founding member of Countdown 2030, a collective that advocates a change in architecture in times of the climate crisis.

Since 2021, guest expert at the Transition Workshop.